I am a dance performance artist and video maker based in Athens, Greece.

I am interested in creating performances that within theoretical and other given frames, articulate challenging interactions with the body, space, time and materials involved. The imagery created aims to address straight to the senses of the audience members, thus forming an experience rather than a spectacle. At the same time, through the notions that appear in the performance, I wish to shake perception of things. 

Re-thinking things, and constantly challenging norms imposed on the individual , through the form and the context of the performance, is a constant underlying process in my work. 

In the video work, different worlds are created, permeated by an obscure element :The narratives unfold around quirky characters in uncommon situations, forming particular interactions with the acquaintances and the environment they place themselves into. In a sense, there is always a journey, either moving around the city or the country, either moving around in a single small room, the journey is a search of self and the self's relation to people. 

I am also a founding member of Frown, an artistic platform based in the homonymous project space in Athens,  focusing on performance art and interactive media (2010-2015).

Frown has been a vital project space and platform in the athenian artistic hub. It has been one of the first independent spaces in the city to promote and create independent artistic work. It has contributed to the artistic community by engaging with the DIY practice, collectivity and networking, and generally inspiring people towards self-determination of their creativity.